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Web Link Guns Save Lives

Guns Save Lives features stories related to self defense. It also has up to date information on the 2nd Amendment and the firearms industry. 

Web Link Wounded Heroes Fund

The Wounded Heroes Fund (WHF) is an organization dedicated to providing assistance to our Military men and women returning home from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Wendy Porter, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, realized that more needed to be accomplished, especially for service members and their families to resume life after war.  As Executive Director of the Wounded Heroes Fund, Wendy is leading the effort to help the men and women who fought for our freedom in the Middle East.

Web Link The Independence Fund

The Independence Fund believes that in order for veterans to truly heal, the local community must be involved. In addition, a combination of governmental, non-governmental and corporate interests are also needed. If you would like to be a part of this healing process, we want to hear from you now!

Web Link Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

IAVA is the first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. With over 200,000 Member Veterans and supporters nationwide, IAVA strives to build the New Greatest Generation.  Our programs empower our community online and offline, and include health, employment, education and  community (HEEC) resources.

Web Link Travis Mills
Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was injured by an IED in Afghanistan in April of this year. As a result, he lost both arms and both legs. Go to this website to learn more about Travis and donate toward his recovery.
Web Link The Land of the Free
For more conservative news and opinion, visit The Land of the Free. This site contains a vast array of interesting and thought provoking information.
Web Link Strategic Solutions For A New Middle East
This site contains a wealth of detailed information on attempts to implement Shariah Law in the United States, and the continued threats posed by radical Islam.
Web Link The Blaze
If you like Glenn Beck, you'll like The Blaze.
Web Link Liberty Under Fire

Dr Harold Pease is a professor of Political Science and U.S. History at Taft College. He served as a Constitutional Specialist on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, and he is a recipient of the Freedoms Foundation Leavey Award. Read Dr Pease's commentary on current events.  

Web Link National Center for Constitutional Studies
This site contains a vast amount of  information and training materials meant to enhance understanding of the U.S. Constitution.  

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