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Written by John Hampton.

We Are "One Plane Ticket Away" From A Terror Attack On U.S. Soil 

U.S. In Desperate Need Of Political Leadership

America has been waging non-stop war for well over a decade now. Although worn from multiple deployments to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, our military men and women continue to perform, in the vast majority of cases, at the highest level imaginable under the most difficult of circumstances.

While our troops fight so gallantly on the field of battle, back here at home we are experiencing a major lack of leadership within our political structure. Both parties are culpable, so the political climate continues to be dominated by unprecedented scandal, cronyism and a lack of accountability that is not only painful and embarrassing to watch, but infuriating to endure.

Only a scant few of those with power over “We the People” seem concerned that the U.S. finds itself so precariously positioned both at home and on the International stage. But even though the atmosphere in Washington grows more fetid by the day, business as usual continues. The President of the United States is directly and ultimately responsible, yet he continues full speed ahead showing no intent to moderate his position on any issue. 

From a Conservative point of view, the internecine GOP rivalry is most frustrating. Why do the likes of John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and John McCain oppose the Conservative values and principles espoused by Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul? And where is the opposition from the RINO wing of the Republican Party to the damaging policies and dangerous use of Executive Orders emanating from President Obama?

Long term malfeasance and abuse of power have taken their toll on our great Nation, but this fact seems to have escaped our elected officials. Today, most politicians seem more determined than ever to disregard the law and ignore the Constitution. Storm clouds are gathering. Let's keep the pressure on our elected officials to follow the guidelines set forth in our Constitution and to stridently oppose the excesses and overreach of the Obama administration!

London Rapper Key Suspect In Beheading Of James Foley 


State Dept Rejects ISIL's Claim It Is At War With America



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