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Our government reopened for business on October 17. Not surprisingly, politicians were able to negotiate only a temporary fix. The newest legislation signed by the president extends the budget and debt ceiling until January/February respectively of 2014. At that time, all the same battles just concluded will have to be fought again.

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Democrats and Republicans were unable to come to terms on a Federal budget by September 30. Because of this, our government went into partial shutdown mode on October 1. The adjective “partial” is employed because personnel and services considered “essential” are still in operation.

The issue, from the Republican point of view, is the fact that President Obama has been willing to grant delays and waivers to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to many labor unions and large corporations, but has not been willing to grant those same waivers to individual Americans.

House Republicans have offered legislation that would fund some of the non-essential agencies and departments currently closed, but President Obama and Harry Reid have stated repeatedly that they will not negotiate with the GOP. Therefore, the legislation was rejected!

So apparently, the issue from the Democrat point of view, is that no negotiations whatsoever will be entered into with the GOP. Which point of view sounds more unreasonable?

Neither side is blameless, but refusing to negotiate makes President Obama and the Democrat Party every bit as culpable for the shutdown, as they say the Republican Party is.

It is unknown how long the shutdown will last, but some predict it will extend at least until October 17. That is the date the debt ceiling (the amount of money the U.S. can legally owe) will need to be debated anew.

It goes without saying that President Obama will want to raise the debt ceiling, while Republicans will certainly oppose that action unless concessions are received. We could be in for a long battle!


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In my newest video, I attempt to understand why the Republican Party is so incapable of mounting a consistent and united opposition to President Obama and his extreme policies.

I describe the glaring lack of leadership coming from both political parties and I highlight some of the many inconsistencies that exist within the Obama administration.  

One of the more noteworthy inconsistencies involves the signing of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty by Secretary of State Kerry. Mr. Kerry opined in part: “"This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world's worst crimes.” 

That seems ironic knowing that the Obama administration seems intent on arming Syrian rebel forces. These rebel fighters come from a myriad of sources, many with direct ties to known terrorist groups. 

On the same day the Secretary signed the treaty, we learned that massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment had been stolen from a facility in Libya. The equipment is now thought to be in the hands of terrorist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Secretary spoke quite highly of the treaty, but I guess there was no provision addressing the pilfering of U.S. military equipment!     

To view associated video, please click here

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George Soros funded “Think Progress” has told America that attending sporting events in person poses a threat to the environment. But at the same time, they have offered suggestions as to how one can clean up his/her viewing habits, for the purpose of contributing to a “cleaner experience”.

Please see video:

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On July 24, President Obama addressed a group at Knox College in Galesburg IL. He stressed the importance of making our government more efficient, but in this video presentation I will show many examples of anything but efficiency, in the Obama administration.  

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